2018 Summer Camp Dates are

August 19th to 23rd.

Mandatory Pre-Camp Training Session - July 28th.

Become a Camp Volunteer

  • Cabin Counselor - Cabin counselors live in a cabin with a group of eight campers throughout the week. Cabin Counselors spend all day with their cabin group: at meals, during activity rotations and during evening activity.

  • Cabin Counselor In Training - Cabin Counselor In Training are between the ages of 15 to 17 years of age.  They provide assistance to the Cabin Counselor and work with the campers.  They stay with them throughout the week, plan activities and assist the Program Director.

  • Activities – Day / Evening Helpers - During the day, Day Helpers runs an activity for all age groups.  Day / Evening Helpers would help the lifeguard at the swimming pool, do arts & crafts, and help with songs, ceramics/pottery, play games, help with nature walks and campfires.

  • Medical Nurses – The Medical Nurses are in charge of the medications and day-to-day physical wellness at the camp. They provide support to the camp physician and they stay overnight at the medical cabin.  

  • Camp Physician/Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant – Camp physician, nurse practitioner and/or physician assistants make sure the safety and medical well being of the children who attend camp. 

  • Support Staff – Support Staff helps plan and facilitate the programs for camp. They will also plan the evening programs and daily schedule as well as help supervising counselors and supporting cabin dynamics at camp.

  • Lifeguard – Primary responsibility is watching the children at the pool.  A Day Helper will assist the Lifeguard during swimming activities.  Lifeguards need to be Red Cross trained or equivalent, have CPR certification and concussion certificate.

  • Archery Instructor – Primary responsibility is teaching archery to the campers.  They need to have Level 1 Instructor certification.

Summer Camp Volunteer Requirements:

  • Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older by the time camp starts.

  • Participate in-person or phone interview with the camp director.

  • Complete the online application.

  • Complete criminal background check.

  • Attend training session(s) prior to the beginning of camp (date to be determined).

    • We will let you know the dates regarding the training.

  • Have a current certification in CPR and/or first aid.

  • Concussion Training is needed every two per our policy.

  • Acknowledge and read the volunteer, concussion, counselor, sexual abuse and molestation handbooks.

  • Camp Counselors will need to spend the whole week.