Hi Campers, Families, Friends and Supporters,

Vision 2024, Merry Heart Children’s Camp strategic plan, was developed in February 2018 at a meeting of Board members and volunteers to provide a dynamic, adaptable roadmap for the future direction of our summer camp for youth with heart conditions. It can be updated and added to as we move forward.  Vision 2024 was adopted by the board in May 2018.

Why a strategic plan?  Why now? We are at a point where we would like to grow the camp by increasing the number of campers and by offering a teen camp.  Our goal is to continue to have 48 campers at the regular camp, but to create a teen camp with 32 campers.  However, by increasing the number of campers, we also need to increase the number of volunteers to support the camp and raise additional funds. 

We need more family, community and professional support to us fundraise, volunteers for our different committees, or at camp itself.  We also want to develop and financially support a half-time paid executive director position for the camp.

Merry Heart Children’s Camp Vision 2024 serves as the roadmap for continued growth of our camp.  We look forward to having you help us and work together to continue to offer a great summer camp program for youth with heart conditions.

Tim LaBarge

President, Board of Directors