Volunteer Committee Structure

Volunteers are the key to our success. We are in need of volunteers to serve on the following committees.

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Camp Program | Volunteer Committee

The program | volunteer committee evaluates and provides guidance on Merry Heart Children’s Camp programs, recommending areas for focus and improvement to enhance campers, teens and volunteers to ensure consistency and quality in our camp program.

Development Committees

Publicity / Outreach Committee

The publicity/marketing committee develops programs to improve Merry Heart Children’s Camp image among all stakeholders, including alumni, campers, volunteers and community partners.


Fundraising Committee

In general, the fundraising committee will develop an overall plan to raise operating funds to meet the annual Merry Heart Children’s Camp budget to provide a quality program for children with heart conditions and an endowment fund for the camp. 

Sponsor’s / Big Donors Committee

The committee will actively pursue individuals and corporate sponsorships to support Merry Heart Children’s Camp.

Grant Committee

The committee will actively pursue grants through grant writing to private, corporations and corporate foundations.

Events Committee

The committee creates a comprehensive event plan including goals/desired outcomes and theme(s) of an event.


The finance committee oversees Merry Heat Children’s Camp annual budgeting process, the audit process and other financial affairs.


Administrative Committees


Medical, Health and Safety Committee

The health and safety committee reviews health procedures and policies and recommends changes as needed.

Nominating Committee

This sub-committee reviews and appoints a new slate of officers for the upcoming term. This group also reviews current list and nominates new Board members for following term. Presentation of those appointed will occur at annual fall Board meeting. Develop and prepare future Board leaders.

Governance Committee

This sub-committee reviews the processes and structures used to direct and manage Merry Heart Children’s Camp operations and activities.  To ensure that no expectation gaps exist between the board, management and other stakeholders with regard to the board's role.

Merry Heart Children’s Camp depends upon volunteers like you to make it effective. 

In order to know what your profession, skills, and interest are, we would like to have you provide us the following information.  Thank you.

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